Buena Vista has been given the mission of understanding our identity, capturing the image of the organization through the eyes of our associates and showing the reputation that we built over 60 years in Rio Grande do Sul.

The agency's professionals accepted the challenge of creating an institutional video in a short term and with only a few meetings they were able to understand the essence of this work. The result exceeded the expectations of our entire team and the video was the highlight of our 60 years anniversary.

Excellent professionals really committed to delivering us the best. It is clear that they make an immersion in the projects. In the opportunities we worked together, the result went beyond what was expected. Congratulations!

Keny A. C. Marquardt, SULCARBON

When we were looking for a production company to produce our Institutional Video, we were introduced to BUENA VISTA, an agency that had already performed an excellent job for a company also based in the Technological Park – TECNOSINOS, which we like very much.

Since the first meeting with Leonardo we were assured that the work would be satisfactory. All the support, dedication and professionalism of Buena Vista resulted in a spectacular work.

The The acceptance of our clients with the video was excellent. Congratulations to Buena Vista for its work and excellence.

Giandro Araujo, SAWLUZ Informática

When Arauterm celebrated its 25th anniversary, we hired Buena Vista to make a commemorative and institutional video.
I did not know them, I found them on Google, but the works I had seen caught my attention due to the high quality.
We passed numerous recommendations to Leonardo, an extremely competent professional, serious and willing to meet all the requests of his customers. We had a trauma due to the 20-year-old video that wasn't what we expected... but that's when Leonardo and his entire team surprised us. Today it's been 4 years, we keep using the video and every time we see it we get emotional. At the end of last year we hired them again to make a video of our production process.

Daiane Führ, Arauterm

All the work we did with Buena Vista had results that exceeded our expectations! The staff is very attentive and competent, always attentive to our needs and the deadlines requested!

Gabriela Carpes, CREFITO-5

I met the work of Buena Vista when I found out that I needed to present an Institutional Video of my company in an event that would take place in a few days. I came to contact other agencies that refused the work until I reached Buena Vista and was assured that the work could be done in time.

We were positively very surprised by the final result of the video. Leonardo's sensitivity to capturing the essence of Startech by translating it into such a positive, beautiful, dynamic and reliable message to our brand filled us with pride! And it was applauded at that and other events where the video was presented.

Gabriela Braatz, Startech

We were very pleased with the result of the video produced, which has been a great marketing tool for our company.

Douglas Finger, FINGER & SOMMER

Working with the Buena Vista team was sensational. The staff is committed, quickly captures the customer's idea and has a fantastic image editing. I'm sure we'll be producing videos with this team again.

Buena Vista was a turning point in our productions. They help us from the conception of the idea, script, production and execution. Professionals immerse themselves in our culture to extract the best for our videos.

We searched the Internet and ended up being lucky enough to know the works of BUENA VISTA PRODUTORA. It was "love at first sight." From the first contact we were attended by Leonardo, always with great cordiality, agility and high professionalism. We hire Institutional Video services... The result was great! I thank Leonardo and the entire Buena Vista production team.

Carlos Oscar da Silva, J&J Perfuração Horizontal MND

Buena Vista delivered far beyond what we asked for. They really exceeded our expectations. From the service, to the delivery time, always very committed. We're going to keep this great partnership.

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